What Happened to Dr. Pol’s Grandson Adam James Butch?

Things happened to Dr. Pol Grandson Adam James Butch

Dr. Pol hosted The Incredible Dr. Pol after his adopted son convinced him in 2011. The show follows the adventures of Dr. Pol, a veterinarian from rural Michigan, to save animals in a remote area. Pol was surrounded with controversy, but it was the death of his grandson Adam James Butch that caused such a stir among fans.

These are the facts on the death of The Incredible Dr. Pol’s grandson, only in this article.

What happened to Dr. Pol Grandson Adam James Butch?

Death is inevitable, and, like it or not, we are all headed down that path and getting closer each day. But the worst kind of loss could be that of a parent or a family member. To lose someone just as their life was about to begin is a pain no one would dare imagine.

We could only imagine Dr. Jan Pol’s pain after losing his grandson, who died on September 18, 2019. The young man was 23-year-old Adam James Butch, and he had his whole life ahead of him.

The family found him dead in his home just two days after working for Pennsylvania-based drug company Rite Aid. The family never disclosed the reason for his death, but speculation arose after fans looked into his family history.

Late Adam James Butch, grandson of Dr. Pol
Late Adam James Butch, grandson of Dr. Pol

Speculations say the young man possibly died from a type of cancer that he inherited from his family. Fans suspected this because he was part of the Relay For Life’s Committee that worked with cancer-related institutions.

However, it’s doubtful as he looked very healthy before he passed. Another cause could’ve been depression which is why the family refused to disclose it to the public. Regardless, he was a social worker in his own right and was given the same praise as his grandfather.

Adam Butch was born to Gregory & Kathy Butch on August 20, 1996, and was loved by many. He attended two elementary schools, Saint Stanislaus & MacGregor, the former being a Catholic school and the latter being hyperfocused on discipline.

Pol’s grandson attended middle school in Holy Family School, graduating high school in 2014 from All Saints High School. He set out to become a computer teacher at Michigan State University but came back to become a pharmacy technician.

Fast forward a few years, the young man was reportedly still healthy and very much active. He made a few appearances on his grandfather’s show and became a recognized figure among the show’s fans.

Adam’s passing left behind a bereaved mother, grandparents, and girlfriend. Oddly, there is no trace of Adam’s death on his grandfather’s Instagram page, not a photo or a story.


His Family

Pol and his wife, Diane, will soon celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. But the couple never conceived throughout their 50 years of marriage and opted to adopt children instead.

The couple adopted their first two children, Kathy & Charles, in their infancy and fostered their youngest when she was 8. One thing led to another, and they legally adopted her when she was around 17 or 18 years old.

Charles happens to be the producer of Jan’s show, The Incredible Dr. Pol, and often makes appearances.

Pol’s eldest daughter is the widow of Greg Butch and mother of Adam, who died recently. She’s reportedly studying to become a Phlebotomist.

Adam James Butch with his mother and sister
Adam James Butch with his mother and sister

2019 was a challenging year for the Pol & Butch family as Kathy had just lost her son after losing her husband, Greg. Despite this, life must go on, and she has since looked after Adam’s sister, Rachel, her only living child.

The tragedy may have cast a gloomy mood, but the Pols welcomed a new addition to their household. It had been 21 years since a baby was born into the family, and baby Abigail was a welcome surprise. Abigail was born on October 19, 2019, two months and a day after the death of Adam Butch.


Adam James Butch looking happy with his girlfriend
Adam James Butch with his girlfriend, Julia Shepherd


Many sources didn’t mention his exact date of death, but fans may view his obituary here. He was in his early 20s and slowly made a name for himself in the pharmaceutical industry.

Full Name Adam James Butch
DOB August 20, 1996
Profession Pharmacy Technician
Age (2022) 25
Place of Birth Saginaw, MI, USA
Relationship Status Deceased
Spouse/Boyfriend Julia Shepherd (before death)
Children None
Net worth Undisclosed

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