What Happened to Dr. Michele Sharkey on Dr. Pol? Why did she leave?

Things happened to Dr. Michele Sharkey on Dr. Pol

Dr. Michele Sharkey is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Additionally, she joined Incredible Dr. Pol, where she gained experience as a veterinary officer. However, recently she is nowhere to be seen on the National Geographic television series, which left fans wondering, where is Dr. Michele Sharkey?

If you’re wondering the same, keep reading to discover why Dr. Michele Sharkey left the hit series.

Michele Sharkey on Dr. Pol.

To recap, Sharkey joined Dr. Jan Pol’s National Geographic series, Incredible Dr. Pol, when it was first released in 2011. Moreover, the series follows Dr. Pol’s practice as a veterinarian in Weidman, Michigan. Although, it is more than just another reality television series since his clinic is one of the only ones in his area.

Furthermore, his son Charles emphasized that nothing should be played up for the camera— everything filmed is how life at a veterinary clinic in rural Michigan goes.

Additionally, Sharkey and Pol already knew each other before this since she often visited his clinic to consult on her horses.

Indeed, she appeared in the debut episode “Vet and Wild.” However, she would be absent for some time before finally returning to the show almost seven years later. At this point, Incredible Dr. Pol was already in its 13th season.

In total, Dr. Sharkey appeared in 11 episodes before stopping again in 2019. Consequently, fans were left wondering where one of their favorite veterinarians is, and so they asked, “Where is Dr. Michele Sharkey?”

Dr. Michele Sharkey, cast of Incredible Dr. Pol,
Dr. Michele Sharkey, the former cast of Incredible Dr. Pol,

What Happened to Dr. Michele Sharkey on Dr. Pol? Why did she leave?

Fans of the Incredible Dr. Pol are no strangers to Dr. Sharkey being absent from the show. Indeed, she appeared in the series’s pilot episode before vanishing for seven years, only to return in 2019.

In fact, her last episode was “Love at Frost Sight” before being absent again. However, this time it looks to be permanent.

Fans of the National Geographic show were left puzzled as to Dr. Sharkey’s whereabouts. Indeed, many rumors circled around.

Moreover, some speculated that she simply left her position or that she was no longer interested in appearing on television. Likewise, some guessed that there may have been issues at the workplace. The truth may not be what you were expecting.

Apparently, Dr. Michele Sharkey has found love with none other than the brother of a fellow coworker, Dr. Emily Thomas. Indeed, Dr. Emily revealed the reasons behind why Dr. Sharkey left in a tweet on February 21, 2020.

Dr. Emily Thomas tweeted about Dr. Michele Sharkey leaving reasons

True enough, Dr. Sharkey was dating her coworker’s brother, and he relocated to Missouri. Consequently, the Incredible Dr. Pol veterinarian would have to decide, continue to work at Dr. Pol’s clinic or follow her boyfriend to Missouri? As we know now, she chose the latter.

Dr. Emily’s tweet read, “Dr Sharkey is DATING My brother and moved to MISSOURI to be with him. #telephonegame.”

Furthermore, Dr. Sharkey herself would confirm this when a fan commented on her Instagram post asking if she works for Dr. Pol. Sweetly enough, she replied, “not anymore. I’ve moved to Missouri to be with a boy (Dr. Emily’s brother!).”

Although, the animal life never truly leaves you. You can catch a glimpse of her lifestyle on her Instagram page, which is full of cats and dogs. Additionally, she loves to cook homemade meals such as the hearty Shepherd’s pie, roasted salmon with potatoes, and naturally—chicken noodle soup.

Currently, she lives somewhere near St. Louis and is working in Jones Animal Health Clinic. Interestingly, many of Dr. Sharkey’s coworkers recently left the show, such as Dr. Emily, her boyfriend’s sister.

Dr. Michele Sharkey having fun with Dr. Emily Thomas
Dr.Michele Sharkey and Dr. Emily Thomas, former casts of Dr. Pol

Nevertheless, fans can put their questions and curiosity to rest now that they know what happened to Dr. Sharkey on the Incredible Dr. Pol.

Furthermore, it turned out to be a very wholesome and heartwarming reason where she chose to pursue her relationship and move to Missouri from Michigan to be with her love.

Full Name Michele Sharkey
Date of Birth Unknown
Profession Veterinarian
Age (2022) Mid 30s
Place of Birth Michigan
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner Name unknown (Dr. Emily’s brother)
Children Unknown
Net Worth Unknown

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