What is Dr. Emily Thomas from Dr. Pol Doing after Moving to Virginia?

Dr. Emily Thomas from Dr. Pol

The Incredible Dr. Pol fans witnessed Dr. Emily Thomas’ growth as a veterinarian in the show. However, fans were shocked to know that she left the show for good and now resides in Virginia. With this, supporters are curious why Dr. Emily left the series and what she is up to now.

Are you curious too? Scroll through here to know what Dr. Emily Thomas from Dr. Pol is doing now after moving to Virginia.

Dr. Emily Wikipedia.

Dr. Emily Thomas rose to fame after being a regular cast of the hit veterinary TV series The Incredible Dr. Pol. She hails proudly from Georgia, particularly in Warner Robins. Moreover, the 37-year-old veterinarian was born on August 4, in the year 1984.

Dr. Emily was born to her parent Douge Keen. Unfortunately, information about her mother is unavailable. Moreover, her father married again in 2013 to Sheila Davis. Additionally, Dr. Emily has one older sibling Kelly Keene.

Dr. Emily Thomas, famous cast member of 'The Incredible Dr. Pol' Wikipedia
Dr. Emily Thomas, a famous cast member of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’

Details on where Dr. Emily went to high school are unavailable as of date. However, according to sources, she went to the University of Georgia, particularly in the College of Veterinary Science.

Dr. Emily proudly graduated with a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Furthermore, she also graduated, majoring in large animal field services and equine reproduction.

After graduating, Dr. Emily went to South Carolina for her private practice as a veterinarian.

Husband and Kids

Dr. Emily has been married to her husband, Tony, for 14 years now. Furthermore, she and her husband were high school lovers until they got married in 2007. Moreover, she has three kids with Tony, namely India (8), Oscar (6), and Calvin (3).

Dr. Emily Thomas kids
Dr. Emily Thomas has three Kids, India, Oscar, and Calvin

 Dr. Emily worked as Dr. Pol’s cast / Staff.

Dr. Emily joined The Incredible Dr. Pol in 2015 after she moved to Weidman, Michigan. In addition, she took the chance to work in Dr. Pol’s clinic after finding an ad that Pol posted. Moreover, even though she was still a newbie in the show, she was already in for a challenge.

Furthermore, her first call was a herd health check for cows from a dairy farm. In the video, Dr. Emily showcases her skills despite being a newbie vet as she quickly diagnosed one of the cows on the farm.

Dr. Emily Thomas kissing her pet
The famous veterinarian, Dr. Emily Thomas

Furthermore, Dr. Emily often deals with larger animals since that was her major when she was still in university. Subsequently, she became a fan-favorite of the show after showing her skills in handling farm animals like cows and horses.

Why did Dr. Emily Thomas DVM Leave Dr. Pol?

After being in The Incredible Dr. Pol for 95 episodes, Dr. Emily finally decided to leave the show. The reason for her departure was that she was overworked, and there was little to no compensation.

Moreover, she was also balancing her life as a mother, a vet, and being in a reality TV show that it became straining for her.

Ultimately, Dr. Emily put her family first and decided to leave the show for good despite being one of the fan-favorites of the series. However, Dr. Emily posted a tweet saying that fans can still watch her in 7 more episodes as there is still available footage of her working in Dr. Pol’s veterinary clinic.

What is Dr. Emily Thomas Doing now in Virginia?

Dr. Emily Thomas and her family relocated to Virginia a little while after leaving the show. Moreover, the veterinarian applied at the Warren County Veterinary Clinic, and she now works as a veterinarian there.

According to sources, the workload in her current workplace was not as much as when she was in Dr. Pol’s clinic. Additionally, the schedule is not so tight as well, which is why she gets to spend more time with her family.

Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband, Tony
Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband, Tony

In addition, Dr. Emily likes to go outdoors with her kids and spouse. They often go hiking and do adventures in forests and in the woods. Moreover, she also often writes about her life as a veterinarian on her personal blog site.

Full Name Emily Keene Thomas
Date of Birth August 4, 1984
Profession Veterinarian
Age (2022) 37 years old
Relationship Status Married
Husband Tony
Children India Thomas (8), Oscar Thomas (6), Calvin Thomas (3)

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